Thursday, April 08, 2010

Easter Thursday

I'm preparing a devotional study during Eastertide using the New Church Teaching Series' "Ethics After Easter." Issues for consideration focus on how the events of the Resurrection of Christ change and impact the life of the christian as well as the world around them. It looks to be a good study.

As I was preparing this morning, I stumbled across this online travel article about the top 12 destinations to see while they were still around. Of course some the the obvious ones included Barrow, Alaska, and its vanishing tundra environment. Venice and the melting snows of Kilimanjaro were but two others. But the real surprise was literally my backyard, Appalachia. With mountain-top removal becoming more and more the norm, some say Appalachia is becoming endangered.

Take a look here.

It made me think. And then it made me sad. I don't know if I should feel that way during Easter Week?

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Chris Cox said...

Depends on how your using the term Appalachia. Appalachia, the people and culture, have been lost due to the nany state government implications of the 60's and the unchecked drug epidemic of the last 15 years. Coal is the last remaining, viable industry in that area. These enviornmentalist articles you're reading are purely agenda based. Take it from someone who was born and raised there.