Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Round Three

The folks at St. Mikes are at it again. I recently blogged about their smear campaign here. They have since written another op-ed in the Cincinnati Enquirer. It too is full of half-truths, much like the original article about the closing of the church.

For the sake of full disclosure, I am a member of COCL (Committee on Congregational Life) that made the recommendation to the Bishop to close the mission. We--I mean COCL and diocesan staff--worked very hard to tell the truth in this situation. And I refuse to accept a level of blame about this, simply because the people at St. Mikes are prancing around like childish asses.

COCL did what needed to be done, the Bishop did what needed to be done. And as one who has been accosted by some of the angry and completely-blinded-to-reality members of that church, I can honestly say that our only mistake is that this should have happened a long time ago.

I am fed up to my back teeth with those in the Episcopal Church who believe that "being church" is only about social justice. Evangelism and church-growth are an absolute and necessary part of the equation. And if bringing people to God is not at the very foundation and root cause of all we do, than we have become a very inept branch of the local department of Health and Human Services.

Since the closing of St. Micheal and All Angels the former parishioners have expended infinitely more energy in bitching about the establishment (that has kept them afloat for several decades) than they ever did in bringing people to Christ in the last half century. They are dissembling and cloaking they're sinful lack of ministry over the years in the guise of righteous indignation, and I for one will not excuse it.