Monday, November 26, 2007

Proud to be Episcopalian

Two things have come across my desk of late that have irritated me considerably. First was the Archbishop of Canterbury's recent article slamming the USA in a Muslim publication. The second was the retired Bishop of Southwest Florida's conversion to the Roman Catholic Church.

In regard to Bishop Lipscomb's conversion, I do understand the need to be where God is calling you. As a fellow pilgrim who converted to Anglicanism from my family's Methodist tradition, I know the longing to find a spiritual home. But numerous conversions by those who have conveniently retired with good pensions and health care paid for in perpetuem by people these jokers are leaving behind frustrates me to no end. When I left the Methodist Church, I left it all behind, job security, job prospects, health insurance and a pension. All of it for an unknown future in a place God was calling me to be. Would they convert if it meant leaving their pensions? These guys, like many of their babyboom generation, know little of commitment and even less of sacrifice.

And + Rowan Cantuar's comments that the US is now worse than England ever was in its imperialist days is just over the top and ridiculous. Admittedly I am the last one to take up for President Bush. I think he has walked all over the constitution during his time in office, but as much as I dislike his politics, his time as commander in chief will come to an end not because of coup or rebellion or violence, but because of good, old fashion American democracy. President Bush's term will end, and Americans will have a chance to elect someone else...There aren't too many places in the world were a political change like this takes place peacefully. And if it weren't for all of us so-called imperialist Americans, who for more than 200 years have put our money and our blood where our mouth is, there is no place on earth where political or religious freedom would now exist. Archbishop, your days as a moral authority are over. You have lost your integrity, not because you bash Americans, but because you are willing to sacrifice all conviction on the altar of compromise with those who would want only total submission from you. Being British, you'd think the lessons of Chamberlain would be a little more fresh in the mind.

I am proud to be both an Episcopalian and an American. And I'm tired of making excuses for its leaders who know little of loyalty and honor.