Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Observations on the "Land of the free"

Here are some words from the Rt. Rev'd. David Chillingworth a bishop in the Scottish Episcopal Church who has not been in the US for nearly 8 years...

It’s seven years since I have been to the US - a bit busy and a bit Bush-averse. So it’s good to be back in the Land of the Free which is, of course, one of the most compliant nations on earth. ‘Stand in line’ and they rush to queue up. Offered 14 levels of Frequent Flyer status and they line up like children waiting for a star from teacher. My aspiration is that one day I shall board a plane using the Breezeway.

One thing has changed since I was here last. The cellphone is king. Lone travellers talk constantly to Momma back home. And they start talking as the wheels hit the runway. All Blackberries - because this is O’Bamaland and he’s Coach.

Meanwhile - a glossary of terms:

Gatehouse [as in Gatehouse of Fleet] - area round the Departure Gate

Approach the Podium - go to the Desk to engage in energetic discussion about seat allocation. Whatever happened to the quaint idea that one just elbows one’s way on and takes a seat?

Deplane - self-evident

Best of all - but I hardly believe I heard this. After four flights, I arrived in a tiny plane at Ashville, North Carolina. The carry on bags were too big - did I hear them referred to as ‘ballet bags’ which we could pick up as we deplaned.

So onward with America TV - offering me Gloria Copland’s ‘Believer’s Voice of Victory’ where ‘The future is stored up in YOUR heart’

I encourage you to read his blog which I have enjoyed for some time.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Religion and Politics

Here is an interesting radio interview given by former Senator and Episcopal priest, the Rev'd. John Danforth. This aired last week on NPR's Tell Me More.

Listen here.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Statement from Northern Michigan

The Bishop-elect of Northern Michigan has published a defense of his theological views. Please take time to read the entire document. I'm thankful to Fr. Kevin for posting this even though I disagree with certain aspects and interpretations in it. It is good to see the theological work done by Forrester and not simply the gossip about him.

In the end, this document confirms the reasons why I am against his confirmation, but I appreciate having the larger document and the discussions I'm sure it will cause.

Read it all here.