Thursday, May 07, 2009

Statement from Northern Michigan

The Bishop-elect of Northern Michigan has published a defense of his theological views. Please take time to read the entire document. I'm thankful to Fr. Kevin for posting this even though I disagree with certain aspects and interpretations in it. It is good to see the theological work done by Forrester and not simply the gossip about him.

In the end, this document confirms the reasons why I am against his confirmation, but I appreciate having the larger document and the discussions I'm sure it will cause.

Read it all here.

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Anonymous said...

Is there no room for diversity in this amazing Episcopal Church? That is I believe our great gift to the world. What is being identified as unacceptable for some is seen elsewhere as inspiring and hopeful, within the same communion. As a lay member of this church and indeed the body of Christ it is also disheartening to hear an ordained presence speak to the perceived "levels" of being Christian. I refer to the comment about it being OK for lay members to dable with other spiritual practices, perhaps even for Priests, but then as one becomes a Bishop that somehow takes away from one's love and understanding of God and Jesus? I am confused. I would have thought that being a Bishop would bring into focus the breadth and depth of the heart of God. That is what I would be longing for in a Bishop. Not a narrrowing of thoughts and understandings of the diversity of this Church and of this world. My prayers are with us all as we seek to experience God anew in our lives and our time.
Cindy Wiggins