Thursday, March 26, 2009

Property Issues

On a personal note, I have no tolerance for schism. If you have a complaint, work through the system to make your voice heard. If you feel the church has erred, pray God to bring it back on the path...but don't think you have any rights to steal from it and justify your actions under the accusations that the church has committed apostasy and you alone are in sole possession of the truth...

[Episcopal News Service] An El Paso County district judge ruled March 24 that the property and assets of the landmark Grace and St. Stephen's Church in downtown Colorado Springs are held in trust for the mission and ministry of the Episcopal Church (TEC) and the Denver-based Diocese of Colorado, and ordered a disaffiliated group to vacate the $17 million property.

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Anonymous said...

Well said, thank you. Your post reminds me of a prayer I once read: Grant, O Lord, that I may not fear new truths, that I not settle for half truths and that I not presume to have all the truth.