Monday, December 08, 2008

Lines in the sand...

Where do you draw the line? Well, you might reasonably reply: 'What sort of line?'

All over our beloved creaky Anglican Communion, we find lines, borders, boundaries: 'The Bible plainly says so'. 'That's not part of the faith once delivered to the saints.' 'You must assent to these things to be part of the Anglican Communion.' Where, many of us have often lamented, is classical Anglican ambiguity? Shades of grey? The fabled 'large tent', in which paradoxical tensions can presumably sup together, at the Lord's table? We've seen lines drawn even there. Who on earth wants to do any more line drawing?

A great front page at Anglicans Online this week. Read it all here.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff, Whacha doin?

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Is that you, you old sheep rancher?