Tuesday, September 09, 2008

A few good words from Fleet Street

Here are the recent comments of The Guardian religion report Riazat Butt,

In the month of fasting I can think of no better example to set than a complete avoidance of phrases such as openly gay and Anglican Communion in the same sentence, especially when ever one is stuffed to the gills already with stories of schism. A little bit of perspective and reflection is required here. There are 80m Anglicans in the world. There are more than 800m Hindus, more than 300m Buddhists and more than 1bn Catholics. The Anglican Communion is, much like Springfield, Illinois, a one-horse town...

Read it all here.

Some words of wisdom from our Islamic sister on Fleet Street. Helps to put things into a little better perspective. One of the tendencies of Anglicanism is our propensity to navel-gaze.

God have mercy on us...

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