Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Man behind the Mitre

For certain, I don't always agree with Archbishop Rowan Williams. In fact, there are times that I want to send him packing. But it can never be said of him that he is a slipshod theologian. In that category, he will always have my utmost respect.

So in order to parse out some of his complex nature and the mystery surrounding him, I found this article by Theo Hobson. I gives some real insight into a man who is hard to pin down....

His job, as he understands it, is also to interpret the tradition that he represents, and to sharpen its capacity for truthfulness. In this view, the religious leader has more in common with the court jester than the king. His role is not to project an image of strength that will unite the faithful, and please the nation at large, but to challenge all tendencies to ideological surety, in both Church and nation...

Read it all here.

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