Tuesday, November 28, 2006

In the midst of the storm...

In recent weeks, a lot of flack has been produced from both the conservative and liberal wings of the Episcopal Church in regards to its future. One of the louder voices at the moment comes from of all places, Pittsburg and its unfortunately misguided bishop, Bob Duncan. The rethoric has been more pointed--if you can believe it could get any worse--since the investiture of our new Primate. But most of the material in this propoganda war has come from talking-heads or thinktanks on either side. Because of this, the material always has more than the normal amount of spin. I have been keeping an eye out for average folks, 'on the ground' at it were, who can speak to the issue from a little less of a partisan perspective. Here is some interesting commentary by a fellow in the diocese of Pittsburg. Read it here.

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