Thursday, July 06, 2006

Beyond GC 2006

It has been a delight week. So much activity that one has little time to think about the havoc being let loose upon the Church by a small-very small-but highly vocal group of conservatives and liberals. We are in the process at All Saints' of having the old pipe organ removed and a new pipe organ installed. In the middle of all that, we are conducting a fundraising campaign for the organ, hosting a parish picnic and celebrating 2 family birthdays all in one week.

And what fun it has been so far. Working hard both in the parish and at home. Being involved in ministry and family so that other things seem to be only distractions. Thanks be to God! I am convinced that the ministry and mission of the Church is far more important that anything we do at General Convention--as important as that work might be. And a secret to remaining faithful is remaining focused on the mission God calls us into.

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David said...

Hi Fr Jeff I followed a link back from my own blog at and was interested to read yours. There are strong links between the Scottish Episcopal Church and ECUSA - through the shared history of Seabury. I share your musing about how relevant all that stuff at GC really is - like asking if God is in the details or in the big picture. I suspect that we shall live or die also as much by how we deal with the issue as by what answer we find in the end. Thank you too for the link to AKMA +David