Thursday, June 15, 2006

Early days of GC 2006

We just concluded day 3 of legislation here at General Convention. I have been working each day as a page in the House of Bishops. It has been enjoyable. It has also been somewhat of an inspirational moment. From an inside perspective, the level of generosity and collegiality has been very heartening.

The Bishops and Deputies are taking seriously their work. And the spirit of unity seems to be rising to the top of all the ministry being done here in Columbus.
As I type this, Larry King Live is playing in the background, and it might seem from those on the ouside as it does to those on the TV show that the only thing we are discussing here is sex. But that simply isn't true.

It is my hope and prayer is that the spirit of God will transform our hearts and minds and renew our desire for mission and evangelism and service in our community.

I will try to check in from time to time. But for up to the minute information on what is going on, check on our diocesan website.

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