Monday, December 19, 2005


The Chronicles of Narnia....I have been wanting to see the movie for such a long time. All the lead up to the release of the film, and now its been a few weeks and I still have not had the time to see it.

My friend Nick, over at Entangled States, has this to say about the film. Don't think I'll take my daughter, she seems a little young. But still want to see it. Maybe I should pray to St. Anthony to help me find some time!

If any of you have seen it, let me know what you think...

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Anonymous said...

IMHO, this is a must-see. Maybe even several times. The film is faithful to the story, but it doesn't slavishly try to reproduce the written version on screen. They are, after all, two different media and the film takes advantage of things film can do that books can't. But that liberty is not abused at all.

There are some very special moments in the film. In particular, there's one place where Aslan comments on the nature of "sacrifice." See if you don't agree that it's about as pithy as you can get.

No, you probably shouldn't take the kids, but take Richelle. If you want to see it up here, Kyla will be happy to babysit.