Monday, August 08, 2005

An answer to prayer...

the Rt. Rev. John W. Howe of Central Florida Posted by Picasa

Recently, my prayers for the church have been the central focus of my time spent in the daily office. More specifically, I have been praying for peace among the factions within the church who seem to genuinely enjoy waging war on one another.

I have also been praying for the leadership of the church, hoping our Bishops might show a little more charity to one another rather than tossing press releases and email encyclicals like hand grenades.

I thought most of this was in vain, with the seeming entrenchment on each side. But God still speaks and moves mightily in our day and age.

Over the week end, Bishop + John of Central Florida did a brave and noble thing, admitting an error and seeking forgiveness. Thank you, Bishop + John! You are in my the posting from the diocesan website here. And although I'd rather not link to David Virtue's website for all its ranting and at times base language, he has published Bishop + John's full letter here.

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